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HubSpot User Group Q1 2019

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How You Optimize & Structure Content Has Changed

As SEO continues to evolve, one constant remains: a commitment to great content that aligns with your buyers’ needs will continue to help you get found through organic search — but how you optimize and structure that content has changed.

Today, creating content pillars/pillar pages that are supported with a topic cluster approach is a must to help you outrank competing content and demonstrate to Google that you’re knowledgeable on multiple facets of a subject. HubSpot’s latest update to their SEO Tool helps you do exactly this.

Our Q1 HUG meeting featured our very own Stephen Fischer, Inbound Specialist, who has been on the front lines of adopting new thinking, strategy, and tools for supporting client SEO efforts. We covered: 

  • Examples of pillar page structures using the HubSpot SEO tool
  • How to approach creating a pillar page with the right content
  • How to set up a new pillar page structure using the HubSpot SEO tool
  • Expectations for when you can expect to see results from your pillar page
  • Tips for getting started

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