Our most comprehensive guide to inbound marketing planning, this 40-page eBook was built to guide you through an inbound marketing planning process.

Beginning with the metrics you need to determine a strong marketing budget and ending with advice on how to get executive team buy-in, this guide will help you lead your company toward a modern marketing approach.

Here's a preview of the 8 chapters included in this guide:

  1. Kick Off Marketing Planning with the Right KPIs
  2. Attacking the Gap Between Last Year's Results and Next Year's Goals
  3. 7 Signs Inbound Might Be Right for Your Business
  4. How to Properly Budget for an Inbound Marketing Launch
  5. The Capabilities You Need to Execute Inbound Marketing
  6. The ROI of an Inbound Marketing Plan
  7. 9 Key Components of an Inbound Marketing Plan
  8. A Step-by-Step Process to Getting the CEO to Say "Yes"

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